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Here you’ll find all the information necessary to prepare your trip and your stay in France in order to discover these exceptional sites of indisputable universal value. You will find the following under the sections for each site : the reasons for their selection for the World Heritage list, the history of the site, information on Tourist Offices and suggested tours, general information about museums in the area, an events calendar, practical information on transport (getting there and getting around at the site), and a selection of accommodation and restaurants. Prices and opening hours shown are for 2016.

But most importantly, this “World Heritage of France” travel guide also offers a suggested itinerary for visiting each site and monument. You'll also find tips (transport, pricing, activities ... ), anecdotes and all the possibilities for family-friendly visits to encourage children and families in their discovery.
The area and city maps included on all pages show all the sites and monuments discussed.

Let us guide you… Enjoy reading and especially, … bon voyage !


The guide directly follows in the philosophy advocated by UNESCO and the World Heritage Convention : respect for history, culture and nature. "The World Heritage Sites of France" travel guide is for all those who have a major interest in culture, nature and especially the outstanding universal value of the featured sites. Particular attention has been paid to families, as we are merely borrowing this universal heritage from our children, who will in turn become its ambassadors and guarantee the preservation of these valued sites. You will find lots of information about family-friendly activities to make the  most out of visiting the sites and monuments for children (when applicable).

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Culture - History - Nature

Visiting a Unesco World Heritage site is more than just simple tourism.
It's a journey toward the discovery of cultures, history and nature.
It's the opportunity to explore places that have contributed to the construction our history and our humanity, and that protect this heritage even today.
It's the experience of being enriched by the collective universal memory that helps us understand the world around us.

The sites on the World Heritage of Humanity list all have one thing in common: their universal nature. They teach us that the world – since antiquity – has been fashioned by often commercial crossroads encouraging cultural, scientific and religious fusions. They teach us that openness to others and exchange are indeed sources of prosperity for all societies.

To travel to the heart of these World Heritage sites is to choose to embark on an ethnological, anthropological, sociological, historical, architectural, cultural or religious voyage ... or all this at once! In short, it represents a tourism based on tolerance among civilizations and on respect for future generations.

Let's protect our fragile universal heritage. And let's pass it on to our children.

Jérôme Sabatier

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