The Village of Vézelay

From the bottom of the village to the basilica, crossing the town (walking), visitors will discover a historical heritage of Romanesque houses, Renaissance mansions and buildings of the 17th and 18th century. Take the time to roam the narrow streets, called "venelles", to discover the hidden treasures that have allowed this town to be ranked among the "100 most beautiful villages in France".
Stroll along the rampart walls : this easy walk, for the whole family, offers superb views of the surroundings. Taste the cuisine and regional specialties. Explore the many artisans and craftsmen of the village (sculptors, potters, cobblers ...) and even attend one of their workshops ...

To see in the area

Maison de la Goulotte, place of friendship and creativity
Association "Fondation Christian et Yvonne Zervos"

La Goulotte, 89450 Vézelay.
Website - tel : 03 86 32 36 10.
2 kilometers from the village. In this house with unique architecture, Yvonne and Christian Zervos, founders of the magazine "Cahiers d'Art", welcomed their writer and artist friends: Fernand Léger, Le Corbusier, Paul Eluard, Picasso, René Char and many others.
Art exhibitions during the summer.

Chapelle de la Cordelle

The Cordelle Chapel is located a little outside the village, 1 kilometer behind the basilica. It was here that Saint Bernard preached the Second Crusade in 1146. It was in his honor that this little Franciscan convent and Chapel of the Holy Cross were built a few years later. The site offers a beautiful view over the valley of the Cure River and the village of Asquins below.

In the surrounding area

The Eglise Saint Jacques in Asquins (3 km) 

Church of the 12th and 13th centuries, dedicated to Saint Jacques le Majeur. Located at the beginning of one of the four historic routes of Saint Jacques (from Vézelay), it was classified as a World Heritage site under the "Pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostela" in 1998.


On foot, horseback or mountain bike, there are more than 500 kilometers of roads and trails to discover.

On foot : Maps of marked trails are available at the Tourist Office (€1 each).

Mountain bike : there are many marked trails from Vézelay and in the Natural Park of Morvan. Detailed maps of certain trails are on sale at the Tourist Office for a small fee.

Other activities such as swimming or canoeing on the Cure River, or tree-top ropes courses are possible near the village. Information available at the Tourist Office.

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